Useful Practices to Create Space for Faith and Trust


Faith and trust are usually considered nouns, but I believe they are verbs. They can be an inner activity of movement, not a static space.

We can intentionally create this, as it does reside deep within us.

How do I know this??

One day, years ago, I started with a headache that put me in the ER.

They believed that I had a brain aneurism. Right away I was being transported for a brain scan, and they were all running, as was my husband who was beside me.

It took me a minute before I started to realize that these things can blow at any minute and I could actually die any second. I had three thoughts accompanied by feelings.

  • ‘Oh, no, I am not ready. I have not done enough. I am still not a good person.’ I felt deep fear and anxiety.

  • ‘Oh, well.’ Now this one absolutely shocked me. It was almost a flip thought, but with it came a flooding of something I never knew before. An absolute trust and faith that it was ok. Peace permeated my body, mind and spirit.

  • ‘I will not see my children again’ At this I felt sad.

There was no aneurism, but I learned something invaluable. There is a space within our hearts that we can access. A deep and abiding knowing that all is well.

So, if you suffer from fear and anxiety; it’s something you can address successfully.

  • Start with collecting at least 3 memories when you were frightened, and it turned out ok.

  • Think through them 10x when a new worry pops up.

  • Imagine a sacred space within your heart where God lives. You can go in anytime you want and chat. What would God say to you when you express the reason you are worrying?

  • Picture a place where you always feel safe.

  • It’s usually a future or past event that hooks us, re-create the ending ……… avoid saying: “what if………?”

  • Answer this, what is the worst thing that can happen here? Do you believe that you could meet this challenge? That grace would help you? That it is a chance to grow the faith and trust muscle?

A consistent meditation practice is the best way to address this.

However, it takes a little time before the brain get re-wired and new responses are created.