Bring Some Inner Balance to Your Day


When I look at any pictures for images of relaxation, there are many of water and anything in nature. Why is a weekend or even a walk in nature so refreshing?

Most of us don’t think about what we are focusing on or thinking or looking at or listening to. Everything out there influences us one way or another.

After our senses take in something, our mind starts a commentary and if it is negative, then our emotions jump in releasing stress hormones.

We start to feel rushed, or agitated, irritable, pressured, stressed; whatever. Where is there time then to take to re-group?

Before getting to that, the first thing is to change one thing you can control; just that can be start to a new way of life. Say ‘no,’ don’t have a phone, computer or iPad with you at ALL TIMES, eliminate 2 things you think you have to do.

The list has lots of options, these are examples. Choose your own, just start with one thing.

Last, a time to be ‘quiet’ is most beneficial – 10 minutes at least. No thinking or worrying, just breathing and looking and listening to something calming.

The Divine is everywhere, a part of it all. Breath in that TRUTH.

Feel grateful, and smile.