Useful Practices to Create Space for Faith and Trust


Faith and trust are usually considered nouns, but I believe they are verbs. They can be an inner activity of movement, not a static space.

We can intentionally create this, as it does reside deep within us.

How do I know this??

One day, years ago, I started with a headache that put me in the ER.

They believed that I had a brain aneurism. Right away I was being transported for a brain scan, and they were all running, as was my husband who was beside me.

It took me a minute before I started to realize that these things can blow at any minute and I could actually die any second. I had three thoughts accompanied by feelings.

  • ‘Oh, no, I am not ready. I have not done enough. I am still not a good person.’ I felt deep fear and anxiety.

  • ‘Oh, well.’ Now this one absolutely shocked me. It was almost a flip thought, but with it came a flooding of something I never knew before. An absolute trust and faith that it was ok. Peace permeated my body, mind and spirit.

  • ‘I will not see my children again’ At this I felt sad.

There was no aneurism, but I learned something invaluable. There is a space within our hearts that we can access. A deep and abiding knowing that all is well.

So, if you suffer from fear and anxiety; it’s something you can address successfully.

  • Start with collecting at least 3 memories when you were frightened, and it turned out ok.

  • Think through them 10x when a new worry pops up.

  • Imagine a sacred space within your heart where God lives. You can go in anytime you want and chat. What would God say to you when you express the reason you are worrying?

  • Picture a place where you always feel safe.

  • It’s usually a future or past event that hooks us, re-create the ending ……… avoid saying: “what if………?”

  • Answer this, what is the worst thing that can happen here? Do you believe that you could meet this challenge? That grace would help you? That it is a chance to grow the faith and trust muscle?

A consistent meditation practice is the best way to address this.

However, it takes a little time before the brain get re-wired and new responses are created.

Bring Some Inner Balance to Your Day


When I look at any pictures for images of relaxation, there are many of water and anything in nature. Why is a weekend or even a walk in nature so refreshing?

Most of us don’t think about what we are focusing on or thinking or looking at or listening to. Everything out there influences us one way or another.

After our senses take in something, our mind starts a commentary and if it is negative, then our emotions jump in releasing stress hormones.

We start to feel rushed, or agitated, irritable, pressured, stressed; whatever. Where is there time then to take to re-group?

Before getting to that, the first thing is to change one thing you can control; just that can be start to a new way of life. Say ‘no,’ don’t have a phone, computer or iPad with you at ALL TIMES, eliminate 2 things you think you have to do.

The list has lots of options, these are examples. Choose your own, just start with one thing.

Last, a time to be ‘quiet’ is most beneficial – 10 minutes at least. No thinking or worrying, just breathing and looking and listening to something calming.

The Divine is everywhere, a part of it all. Breath in that TRUTH.

Feel grateful, and smile.

Spirituality........ What Is It?




I have seen the pies with life events such as:  finances, family, career, self-care, entertainment, health, education and spirituality.  To assess how life is going, you rate how you’re doing in each category and maybe see that you need more time with your family and have to eat better.  These then becomes areas of focus or goals.

I wonder, ‘well how does one rate their spirituality as just one sliver of the pie?’  

If I decide that ‘spirituality’ needs more focus, what then do I do?  Go to church more often, pray at night….?

My pie would look like this: I would create it with the word SPIRITUALITY in the center, with all of the categories that fit into your life in the pie and ask you to rate you level of presence/spirit you show up in all the different categories, on a scale from 1-10.

Spirituality can be much more than a religion, doctrines and rituals. It does not favor one religion over another because it is about our interior work, or soul work.  It can become a way of life; a way of ‘being’ every day and an experience of a new Presence within you.

It is a new idea, a new way of seeing; nor through the lens of just right or wrong, it’s also expanding awareness.  

A lot of what we do and how we respond to life events are automatic, programed in us through religion, family, culture, education. As long as it’s just an automatic anything, our real self is not involved; just our personality.  

Spiritual practices increase our awareness of our inner self, we begin to move into a more authentic, honest and transparent being.  Why we do things begins to shift from self-serving to serving others. Our heart opens, expands and grows.  We feel increased tolerance, much less judgement and criticism for anyone not doing it like we do.  We begin to genuinely accept ourselves, even our most shameful moments.  We feel more relaxed and at peace, trusting that with our efforts and God’s grace, we are transforming into the people we were created to become. 💜